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    i don’t why but this seems like if you made a fighting game this would be his 1st play costume. If i choose a universe i’d say mortal kombat. xD great work tho!

    LOL omg Rykeer the Shattered King Video Game would be fkn awesome. Also, I so happy you even mentioned the outfit in the same light video game cause that is generally the look im trying to convey with the designs in that universe XD. And yeah I’d say he’d make a kick ass mortal kombat character

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    Whoo Wip, Rykeer got some new clothes yo. Wore me out though, Not 100% in tune with how Anthosian’s dress yet but I’ll get there….finish tommorrow @_@

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    this should have a warning label 

    omg my real life Randwulf =u=

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    Just a sketched out base for Rykeer. Just wanted to show it cause I like how it came out. Gonna put sum clothes on em now : 3

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    Its cool when you haven’t drawn a character in a while, and you’ve actually improved since the last time you did so they turn out looking way better than they did before ^__^

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    im weak

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    Rin: imconfused, whats he doing? is he flying is he sliding?
    Rin: taking baby tap dance steps

    so i made this and its all rin’s fault

    watCHA! CHA! HA! *tappa tappa*

    ok i’m almost sorry about making this but also not

    *ugly, ugly laughs* that split at the end tho

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    these are more than I’ve ever wanted

    *dials 666* Yes, Devil? I’m ready to sell my soul.

    It just hit me that these are probably being unpacked to be displayed at SDCC and I am so fricken jealous. Ohmygod.

    These are beautiful. I love how much care people take into Berserk. They almost NEVER drop the ball. Everything is always well handled and treated with respect <3

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    Oh my god Designing shit for Rykeer to wear tho…

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    Dude I played freakin’ musical chairs at my nephews party. ALL the adults had to play it. Like when the hell was the last time YOU played musical chairs huh???? Also my bro and sis and I were the last 3 standing cauuuse I guess we’re just talented and amazing like that.. I lost tho

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    A goddamn huge revamp of an old OC I had called Aurel who was an incubus but at this point I’m not sure wtf he is But it dun matter. Cause im squeeing with happiness because I rarely like any designs I do and I’m over here smiling like an idiot because I love him so much right now. But anyway with him I was trying to pretty much embrace my typical design flow with things.As much as I try to shove it away, I do have a love for things that are sleek and uniform as opposed to things that are hard and rough. Which is troublesome when Im trying to make a certain kind of villian, but what the hell can I do e__e. I also love curves and points so Im glad I was able to incorporate that in his horns. I was also trying to avoid dark colors, His original design was just a skin tone, with some weird flakey black things on his skin I dunno so I traded it in for a nice dark maroon color. I was also trying to avoid a heavy brow and having the horns grow out of the brow are that a lot of people tend to do, understandable cause it does look super cool and makes things look more monstrous. The design of his horns ended up sort of creating a similar illusion so its a win-win XD. But yeah dunno, I’m just super happy with the outcome.

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